Does IMS offer Simulated Models for Parts?2019-08-20T12:40:33+00:00

Many IMS resistor and attenuator components are available as simulated models through Modelithics as a MVP (Modelithics Vendor Partner). Modelithics high accuracy models capture parasitic effects and reliably predict how component performance changes with various scalable input parameters over a specified frequency range. The scaling and optimization features provide advanced analysis capability and allow RF circuit designers to quickly meet design goals.

High Frequency Resistors:

High Frequency Attenuators:

High-Power Attenuators:


For 90-day FREE trial visit: www.modelithics.com/mvp/ims

Learn more about the Modelithics® IMS MVP Library.

Does IMS Offer S-Parameters?2017-10-03T19:07:41+00:00

IMS offers S-Parameter data on most of our product lines.  You can find measured and tested S-Parameter data for the N-Series, RCX Series and IMA series through our website.  For simulated S-Parameter information, contact us at techsupport@ims-resistors.com or fill out our online S-Parameter form and one of our engineers will respond to you shortly. We are able to provide the requested data in .snp file format for your use.

How do I Request an Application Study?2017-10-03T21:04:27+00:00

Since 1974, IMS has been building custom products based on unique customer requirements.  We regularly work with engineers to turn their specifications into exact surface mount component solutions. Some of our most innovative products have been created as a result of partnering and consulting with our customers.  If you have a set of specifications suitable for thick film design, email us at techsupport@ims-resistors.com to get an application order started.

Can IMS Design to Spec?2017-09-29T12:38:38+00:00

Our in-house engineers routinely work with customers on custom component solutions. IMS employs a staff of qualified experts to assist in problem solving and product selections.  We have over 42 years of thick film and resistive product experience. Many of our customers come to us with just a set of desired specifications. By working closely with our customers, IMS provides timely and cost effective answers to a vast array of unique challenges. Contact us today if you have unique requirements for thick film design.

Can IMS Build to Print?2017-09-29T12:39:27+00:00

For over 40 years International Manufacturing Services (IMS) has been taking customer drawings and turning them into reality. Our decades of surface mount component experience have resulted in numerous customer specific solutions. If you have a drawing of a thick film component we can make it with minimal NRE and quick turn-around. This is our specialty! See examples of Built to Print components on our Custom Solutions page. Send us an email or call 401-683-9700 to speak to one of our engineers about a specific requirement.

Does IMS Offer BeO?2017-10-03T21:05:33+00:00

Berillium Oxide (BeO) is ineligible for many applications both in the EU and medical markets. IMS has worked with several customers to replace BeO designs with AlN technology. With innovations in AlN production such as .010” thickness components and advanced ULR and other thick film systems for use on AlN, IMS has not seen advantages to offer an additional thermally conductive material to our already successful AlN line. While IMS can offer BeO designs if required, we encourage our customers to evaluate AlN for legacy BeO designs.

Does IMS Offer CVD Diamond?2017-10-03T17:57:40+00:00

IMS utilizes fast-fire furnace equipment for thick film production. This does not allow for the use of CVD or some copper thick film materials to be used. IMS knows that while CVD diamond components have seen some interest in the market, for true high-power, High- frequency designs, Aluminum Nitride (AlN) has proven to be superior where signal integrity is integral in the component design. We encourage our customers who use CVD diamond to consider an application study to evaluate AlN components and see if IMS can offer improved performance, high power and a lower price point than CVD.

Customer Service:
How Do I Request a Quotation?2018-08-08T11:38:25+00:00

You may obtain a written quote for products by contacting one of our customer service representatives at customerservice@ims-resistors.com or by filling out our on-line request a quote form.  IMS will respond shortly with price, lead time and delivery on the requested products.  Take a look at our catalog for information about product specifications and ordering guidelines.

What Are IMS’ Lead Times?2017-09-29T12:36:11+00:00

IMS has the shortest lead times in the industry.  We maintain a substantial inventory of off-the-shelf thick film chip resistors and attenuators in stock for same-day shipping. To purchase off the shelf chip resistors today see our RCI Series thick film resistors or our TPI Series thin film resistors. If what you’re looking for is not in stock, we offer short production lead times for most orders. Request a Quote online today.

Which Shipping Carrier Can I Use?2017-10-04T16:30:20+00:00

IMS supports shipments through UPS, Federal Express (Ground and International), DHL and Freight Forwarder requests.  Consolidated shipment scheduling is also available, contact your Regional Sales Manager for additional information.

What Types of Packaging Does IMS Offer?2017-09-29T12:36:58+00:00

IMS offers a variety of packaging options based on commercial industry standards.  Depending on the component, we offer packaging in bulk, tape and reel, cut tape and waffle packaging.  Take a look at our packaging fees and ordering codes for more information.

What Are IMS’ Quality Levels?2017-10-18T18:18:56+00:00

AQL – Components are inspected based on an acceptable quality level (typically 1% AQL) per MIL STD 105-D.

AOI 100% INSP – Components with this quality level are 100% inspected by automated equipment for visual defect and electrical compliance during final packaging.

100% V/V – Components of this quality level are manufactured and verified by an operator to be in compliance visually, according to workmanship standards and for electrical performance (Ohmic value, dB value etc.) per the component specification.

IMS offers other up-screening options outside of “Quality Level”. These may include applicable testing, and other customer specified requirements.

What Quality Standards Does IMS Comply With?2017-10-06T13:15:40+00:00

We consistently exceed customers’ expectations with product quality, value and service within the industry. IMS has recently persued quality certification to AS9100 Rev. D, an internationally recognized quality management standard for aerospace, aviation and defense industries. This certification encompasses the ISO9001:2015 standards with 80 additional requirements and 18 amplifications. IMS also recognizes the worldwide effort toward RoHS compliance and the desire to eliminate lead and other environmentally hazardous materials from electronic components. Take a look at our quality standards and certifications here.

How Do I Find a Sales Rep?2017-10-03T19:08:04+00:00

IMS is headquartered in Portsmouth, Rhode Island with regional representation throughout the United States and Worldwide.  Members of our sales team and our global network are always available to help with application orders, technical questions or product selection.  Take a look at our list of sales representatives to find someone in your area or contact IMS directly at (401)683-9700.

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