RCX PW Series Resistors

rcx partial wrap series resistors

Partial Wraparound Thick Film Chip Resistors for High Frequency Applications

The IMS RCX Partial Wrap (PW) Series flip-chip resistors are ideally suited for RF & Microwave applications. They are designed to be mounted ‘face-down’ on a circuit board which keeps the resistive element on the same plane as circuit traces thus minimizing parasitic effects experienced with wraparound resistors. Additionally the RCX PW’s unique design allows for proper visual inspection of the terminal connection with it’s solder filet. The ‘X’ designation in each series is a variable that allows for specifying the terminal metallization. Please see ordering information on page two for instructions.

This series features IMS’ optional non-magnetic Ultra Leach Resistant type terminals which have been proven to maintain their integrity in the most extreme solder reflow environments, including high temperatures and multiple reflows. They have been shown to withstand over 15 minutes in 260°C 60/40 solder with little or no degradation.

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• Stable resistance over frequency
• 96% Al2O3 substrate material
• Tolerances to ±1%
• Available in bulk or tape and reel
• Jumpers available (use value code JUMPR in part number)
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