IMK Series Resistive Coupler

IMK series resistive couplers

IMK Series Surface Mount Thick Film Coupler

The IMK Series Resistive Couplers provide the sensing function over a broad range of frequencies in a compact, easy to use component. With alumina construction, insertion loss is comparable to more complicated frequency sensitive couplers.
As with IMS attenuators, the IMK Series is engineered to optimize performance in two ways:
1) Resistive areas are constant and are specified for the lowest dB value ensuring that all couplers easily handle the incident RF power.
2) High inductance lines minimize ground path leakage and maintain low through loss.
The above constraints assure repeatability, reliability and optimal performance. The design and construction of these couplers is simplified to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.


Insertion Loss (ports 1 – 2): 1dB or less (values greater than 18dB)
Coupling Range: 6 – 30dB
Standard Size: 0.120” x 0.120” x 0.035” MAX
Impedance: 50Ω
Operating Frequency: DC – 15GHz
dB Flatness: See data on following pages
Operating Temperature: -55°C to 150°C
Dissipated Power: 1W at 100°C Baseplate Temperature
VSWR (main line): 1.2:1 depending on implementation
Construction: Thick Film on Alumina
Attachment: Solder, Epoxy or Wirebond