AV-0805 Attenuators

AV-0805 temperature variable attenuators

AV-0805 Thin Film Surface Mount Temperature Variable Chip Attenuator

The IMS AV-0805 thin film surface mount temperature variable chip attenuator is ideal for applications requiring precise attenuation with integrated temperature compensation in a small form factor. This attenuator is designed in the PI configuration. Thin film technology insures a low noise, precise attenuator at a very affordable price. Nine different temperature characteristics are available. The wraparound terminals include a nickel barrier layer which affords excellent leach resistance and mechanical integrity.


• Precision thin film attenuator element
• 96% Al2O3 substrate material
• Nickel barrier layer for excellent solder leach resistance
• Ultra low noise attenuator element
• Characterized to 5GHz
• 1.3:1 Nominal VSWR
• Nine different temperature characteristics
• Stable characteristics over temperature and time
• Polyimide passivation of attenuator element