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The IMS Difference

With engineering, development, manufacturing and sales under one roof, IMS is able to respond to customers’ needs with short lead times and innovative products. By working closely with our customers, IMS is able to provide cost effective component solutions for a vast array of unique applications. Contact us about our custom design capabilities or take a look at our product catalog for off-the-shelf resistors, attenuators and thermal management products.

Solutions Oriented

IMS has a long history of providing solutions for customer specific requirements. A staff of qualified experts are available to assist with technical questions, application orders, EM modeling, S-Parameter requests and product selection. For in-depth technical information, IMS has a variety of tech notes and whitepaper topics available for download. Whether you require a recommendation for a lowest installed cost component in an application or a fully customized design to meet your performance goals, contact any one of our global reps or in-house engineers to receive expert advice and guidance regarding all your technical questions.

Innovative Technology

Innovative breakthroughs are important to the IMS strategy of offering the most current technology to our customers. Many of the advancements in the component industry have been discovered through research pioneered through IMS development. IMS was the first to market AlN components, ThermaBridge™, Teraohm chip resistors, Ultra-leach resistant non-magnetic termination conductor and more recently, SZG power terminations for high frequency applications. These examples provide evidence of the ways IMS uses our vast experience and industry knowledge to offer solutions for the design challenges of the future.

Superior Service

IMS has served as a solutions partner to our customers since 1974. Providing quality customer service and support while maintaining globally recognized quality standards of ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D for aerospace and defense industries, are examples of the commitment to service and technical quality. Our mission of continued innovation and serving our customers with high-quality, reliable products is a pivotal factor to continued success.

IMS partners with companies to develop innovative solutions using our unique passive electronic component design and production expertise.

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Product Catalog

Take a look at our catalog for detailed product information and ordering instructions.

IMS Product Catalog

electrical components for medical equipment resistors

Medical applications demand, precision, quality, non-ferroresonant, and often micro and high voltage products to deliver the next generation devices. For these demanding designs IMS offers products such as:

HVI – High voltage resistors
N-Series power resistors
RCX – Thick film resistors featuring ULR and RoHS compliant materials
ThermaBridge™ – for heat management of many medical applications


IMS offers all products suitable for aerospace applications, but can also be customized for common requirements such as satellite communications, commercial space applications and 100% value testing. Take a look at the following products:

N-Series power resistors
ThermaBridge™ – for heat management of many medical applications
AV-805 Tempeature Variable Attenuator
IAX Series – Thick Film Attenuators

resistors and attenuators for communication electronics

Communication, telecom, and data systems make up a large segment of IMS’ demanding customers looking for the highest performance, highest power and smallest size to meet the needs of the communication industries designs of the future. IMS offers several products aimed at these applications including:

XZX Style power terminations – for high frequency, high power
A-Series attenuators – for industry-leading impedance control and precision
RCX “PW” – Resistors designed for the highest frequenct response
RCI-S resistors – Where power is offered with minimal component cost
V-Series Power attenuators – Both AlN and Al2O3 designs available

resistors for defense components

Defense applications offer similar challenges as other industries like communications and instrumentation, but often with additional demands. IMS offers all products suitable for military and aerospace applications, but can also be customized for common requirements such as:

100% value testing
Sn62 leaded solder pre-tin
Application study for heat management
Take a look at the ThermaBridge™ and TheraPlane™ Series for thermal management.

attenuators and resistors for instrumentation equipment

IMS offers a full complement of resistor and attenuator solutions for applications where data integrity and signal fidelity are integral in the design. IMS resistors can be offered from under 1 ohm to over 1 Trillion Ohms. The “High Megaohm” products are common to be seen in applications for metering devices. While nearly any IMS product could be selected for instrumentation applications, the most common include:

A-Series – for industry-leading impedance control and precision
IAX/VXX – High power attenuators in both AlN and Al2O3
TPI/LCI resistors – For ultra-low tolerances and TCR
RCI Resistors – Available in 2512-01005 size
Ultra leach resistant thick film products – Where the highest degree of tuning, multi-reflow and process durability is required without introducing ferroresonance.

IMS Global Representatives

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