Super RCX Series Resistors

superRCX series extended power wraparound resistor

Thick Film Wraparound Extended Power Surface Mount Chip Resistors for Epoxy and Solder Mount

The IMS Super (S) RCX Series of thick film non-magnetic wraparound surface mount chip resistors are ideal for most applications requiring extra power density within the same footprint. Special processing allows for twice the power handling of other resistors in the same size package. Thick film technology provides a stable resistor at a very affordable price. These resistors are suitable for epoxy or solder die attachment methods. The ‘X’ designation in each series is a variable that allows for specifying the terminal metallization. Please see ordering information on page two for instructions.

This series features ims’ optional non-magnetic Ultra Leach Resistant (ULR) type terminals which offer added performance over our standard leach resistant PtAg terminals and have been proven to maintain their integrity in the most extreme solder reflow environments, including high temperatures and multiple reflows. They have been shown to withstand up to 15 minutes in 60/40 solder at 260°C.


• The power handeling of other resistors in the same size package
• High stability thick film resistor element
• 96% Al2O3 substrate material
• Tolerances to ±1%
• Available in bulk, tape and reel and waffle pack