HVI Series


Thick Film Wraparound High Voltage Surface Mount Chip Resistors

The ims HVI Series of thick film wraparound surface mount resistors are an ideal solution for applications requiring a reliable design solution at high voltages. Proprietary architecture ensures stable resistance into the kilo-volt range, RoHS compliant solderable terminals feature a nickel barrier layer for excellent solder leach resistance. Applications for HVI Series resistors include, but are not limited to, power supplies, power converters, defibrillators, pacemakers and power metering devices.


• High rated continuous working voltage
• High stability thick film resistor element
• 96% Al203 substrate material
• Nickel barrier layer terminals provide excellent solder leach resistance
• Trimmed to EIA standard values
• Tolerances to ± 1%
• Passivated resistor element
• Available in bulk or on tape and reel