Bulk Packaging

Loose parts in a poly bag.


Waffle Packaging

Exact quantity placed in pack, quantity may vary by part size.


Cut Tape Packaging

Will be missing a leader/trailer. Less than 1000 pieces lot size will be placed in a poly bag unless otherwise specified. Lot sizes of 1000 pieces or more will be reeled. Leader/trailer can be spliced on if specified. 


Tape and Reel

Full reel quantities with leader/trailer. May be subject to minimum quantity purchased.


Packaging Fees

$50 Minimum Purchase Order

Packaging Options

Bulk Packaging
Cut Tape/Tape and Reel
Waffle Pack
Upside Down Packaging Available (select products)
*Available packaging options depend on case size

Quality Levels

AQL – Components are inspected based on an acceptable quality level (typically 1% AQL) per MIL STD 105-D.
AOI 100% INSP – Components with this quality level are 100% inspected by automated equipment for visual defect and electrical compliance during final packaging.
100% V/V – Components of this quality level are manufactured and verified by an operator to be in compliance visually, according to workmanship standards and for electrical performance (Ohmic value, dB value etc.) per the component specification.

IMS offers other up-screening options outside of “Quality Level”. These may include applicable testing, and other customer specified requirements.