SZG: Where High Power and High Frequency Join Forces

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The number of high frequency, high power applications is rapidly increasing each year. The need for resistors with both high frequency performance and high power handling capability is growing. In most cases, the smaller the resistor, the better it will perform at high frequencies. At the same time, the larger the resistor, the better the thermal properties are. Many designers are making compromises when both power and performance matter. IMS has solved this dilemma with an innovative resistor termination that offers the best of both worlds called a SZG style termination device.

Thermal management is becoming much more important as the density of electronic components and the applied power increases. Both factors lead to higher temperatures produced by not only the individual components, but also the entire assembly. Heat dissipation in high power electronics creates challenges for integrating material selection together with thermal designs. As a result of the power and signal combinations running through resistors, heat is generated. When more power is applied to a resistor, more heat is generated. If this heat is not properly transferred out of the part, the heat build-up can cause the part to shift in value and eventually fail electrically and mechanically.

The SZG style resistor gives us a better frequency response than components with the same footprint with thermal properties equivalent to the same size package. Custom designs are available but standard packages are readily available for 1206-3725 with the SZG termination. When looking for a high power, high frequency resistor without compromises, N-series SZG is recommended and successfully deployed in today’s hi-tech applications.

Take a look at our whitepaper to learn more about SZG terminations.

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