IMD 7GHz Wilkinson Power Divider

7GHz Wilkinson Power Divider

IMD Series Thick Film C-Band Two Way Wilkinson Power Divider

The IMD2613 thick film Wilkinson power dividers are designed for 7GHz center frequency with a 20% bandwidth & excellent performance. Alumina construction and high conductivity proprietary conductive films provide for a compact low loss device, which exhibits a high level of unit-to-unit performance repeatability. Generally, center frequency determines the size and the insertion loss of these devices.


IMD2613 Configuration: Wraparound with backplane
IMD2660 Configuration: Single-sided with backplane
Impedance: 50Ω Nominal
Bandwidth: 20% typical
Input Power:
0.355”L x 0.184”W x 0.035”H max
Insertion Loss:
0.5dB typical
15dB or better
Phase Delta:
~3-7º typical
Amplitude Delta:
0.2dB typical


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