IMD Rat Race “Ring Hybrid” Divider

Rat Race Ring Hybrid Divider

Thick Film Two Way Rat Race “Ring Hybrid” Divider

IMS has recently developed a high performance thick film Rat Race Power Divider. The unit shown is designed for 9 to 11 GHz operation and is of surface mount architecture. Dissipated loss is typically less than 0.3dB. Alumina construction and high conductivity proprietary conductive films provide for a compact low loss device, which exhibits a high level of unit-to-unit performance repeatability. Generally, center frequency determines the size and the insertion loss of these devices. Contact the factory with your requirements and your request will be converted into a quick and accurate quote or proposal.


Operating Frequency: 9 – 11GHz
Size: .322″ x .356″ x .035″ Max
Insertion Loss: 0.5dB or less
Input Isolation: 20dB or more
Phase Split: +/- 5 degrees
Amplitude Split: +/- 1.0dB
Input Power: 20W with a 100° C baseplate


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