IMF2416 – 960 MHz Cutoff

IMF Series Thick Film UHF Low Pass Filter

IMF Series Thick Film UHF Low Pass Filter

These filters have been successfully tested to input power levels exceeding 20W. Part-to-part performance repeatability is excellent in high or low volumes.

Circuit construction is lumped/distributed surface mountable microstrip on alumina, enabling higher performance and higher power  handling than an off-the-shelf packaged device or lumped element equivalent.

For more information about specifying a low pass filter take a look at the following post.


Passband: up to 960MHz
2nd Harmonic Rejection: 40dB minimum
Dimensions: 0.835”L x 0.480”W x 0.035”H Max
Insertion Loss: 1.5dB or better below 930MHz
VSWR: 1.1:1 by design
Input Power: 20W with a 100 deg. C. baseplate
50Ω nominal Solderable connections
.01dB Passband ripple design

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