IMS @ EDI CON 2017

IMS is excited to be showing at EDI CON 2017 on September 11-13, 2017 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.  Find us close to the front entry at booth 407. EDI CON USA uniquely brings together RF, microwave, EMC/EMI, and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators for networking, training, and learning opportunities. Attendees come to EDI CON USA to find solutions, products, and design ideas that they can put into immediate practice for today's communication, defense, consumer electronics, aerospace, and medical industries. For more information visit

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IMS Hires new Marketing Coordinator

IMS is pleased to announce the appointment of Laura Tibbetts as Marketing Coordinator. Laura will be responsible for maintaining our website, advertising design and our marketing communications programs. We’re excited to have her on the Sales and Marketing team. Laura brings a wealth of creativity and experience to IMS. She started her career in Southern California as a production artist for an apparel manufacturing company and quickly moved into an art director position for a large scale screen printing facility. Over the past 16 years, she has owned her own graphic design business working with small businesses to develop brand identity, a strong website presence, and collateral print material. Laura holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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Advantages of Multi-Metal Terminations for Non-Magnetic, High Temperature Solder Applications

Introduction Contemporary electronic board designs are becoming more challenging to designers than ever before. In today’s thick film, component applications designers are often faced with a trade-off between process flexibility and component performance. In terms of magnetic sensitive applications, this often requires the use of components that are sensitive to processing or attachment methods and therefore limit options for installation. At times this restricts the use of certain solders, temperatures or multiple re-flow operations. In applications where extreme processing is used with vulnerable components, failure modes can include component detachment or intermittent loss of continuity due to metal leaching of contacts and terminals. In order to understand this challenge and its factors, it is helpful to list the perfect performance characteristics of a thick film component. 1) Withstands high heat 2) Resists high Sn content solder 3) Non-magnetic 4) RoHS compliance 5) Affordability 6) Value diversity In designs where magnetism and RoHS compliance are in demand (i.e. medical imaging) resistance to high temperature solder and “non-magnetic” properties are critical. Unfortunately, they oppose each other from a process perspective. Traditionally, highheat RoHS compliant applications could often be addressed with nickel-barrier parts. These parts are readily available and very durable due to [...]

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ThermaBridge™ Specialty Thick Film Component

A ThermaBridge™ is a specialty thick film component developed and offered by IMS for use in the thermal management of electronic devices and modules. These products operate under the simple principle of conducting as much heat energy as possible, while simultaneously serving as an outstanding insulator of electrical energy and signal. The combination of these characteristics makes the ThermaBridge™ a very useful and flexible component that designers use to move heat either in, out, or to balance the temperature between two locations. ThermaBridges™ accomplish this without any fans, power, or moving parts making them useful for every electrical design sensitive to the effects of thermal energy. ThermaBridges™ operate by providing an electrically isolated, thermally active link between high heat generating areas and low temperature heat sinks or other locations within a circuit. According to Fourier, maximizing heat flow from one high temperature area to a lower one is made efficient by limiting the distance between the two points, maximizing the area of the conductive path and optimizing the material’s conductive heat properties. ThermaBridges™ do this by using Aluminum Nitride ceramic and offering a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths to suit any thermal/mechanical requirement. For example if we take the [...]

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Our Town Portsmouth

IMS is please to have been featured on Rhode Island PBS documentary series "Our Town" airing on WSBE on December 2, 2015. The hour long special featured the rich history of Portsmouth including community groups, experiences of its residents and local businesses. Check the segment about IMS here.

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New Hire Barbara McDonagh as Business Systems/Office Manager

IMS is pleased to announce the appointment of Barbara McDonagh as Business Systems / Office Manager. Barbara will be responsible for overseeing the day to day office operations.  We are excited to have her as part of our team. Barbara brings a wealth of experience, talent, knowledge and skill to this new position. In making the announcement, John Silvia, the President and Chairman of IMS, had this to say, “Her expertise coupled with her knowledge of IMS as our consultant since the 1990’s will not only strengthen and improve our Customer Service, it will empower us to full utilization of the computerized ERP business system.” Since 1992 Barbara was a self employed Business Application Consultant at Fanion, McDonagh & Co., LLC.  She performed needs assessment and analysis to determine the best solution to meet long-term goals as well as day-to-day operations, assisted with customization of existing software systems to provide additional reporting, software replacement search to select the optimum solution for businesses. Barbara’s training services and software expertise will provide the maximum benefits to our business administrative needs.

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New Hire Jeff Guiggey as Quality Coordinator

IMS is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeff Guiggey as Quality Coordinator. Jeff will be responsible for establishing, implementing and maintaining the quality management system. Jeff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge with 15 years of experience in quality assurance, and 4 years as a department supervisor in a full service consumer products testing laboratory. We are excited to have him as part of the IMS team. In making the announcement, John Silvia, the President and Chairman of IMS, had this to say, “As we work to acquire our AS certification and with our continuous improvement programs to maintain our superb quality, we are very happy to bring Jeff’s expertise into our Quality Assurance Department.” Jeff most recently worked as a sub-contractor for Bureau Veritas where he performed consumer goods factory capability and capacity assessments, quality management system audits, and pre-shipment, final random inspections.

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IMS Announces New Sales Representative Electron Marketing

International Manufacturing Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Electron Marketing as the exclusive sales representative for Illinois and eastern Wisconsin. Electron Marketing will be instrumental in helping IMS strengthen and extend its presence in this region. Electron Marketing Corporation has been representing manufacturers of passive, power and electromechanical components since 1978. A professional organization providing knowledgeable, committed representation of electronic components. IMS looks forward to a rich and rewarding long term partnership with Electron Marketing. Click here to contact Electron Marketing

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IMS A-Series Thin Film Attenuators for High Frequency Applications

Attenuators are passive two-port devices that reduce or attenuate the high level output of a signal generator. They are often used to provide a lower level signal to an antenna input of a sensitive radio receiver or similar device. Attenuator accuracy and overall effect on a system is also important to know particularly in applications for test equipment or other sensitive electronics. Improving Frequency Response The IMS A-0402WA attenuator has been characterized up to 40GHz. When this component is mounted upside down with the resistor and the transmission line in the same plane, improvements can be gained which reduces losses and minimizes capacitance effects. Face down mounting has several other advantages such as reduced current loop area, lower ESL, improved power handling and reduced overall insertion loss. Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate the improvement of physical mounting geometry with respect to insertion loss.   As seen in the plots above, the two mounting techniques provide the same level of response up to about 8 GHz, at which point the ‘face down’ attenuator begins to outperform the face up attenuator. The improvement becomes more dramatic as the frequency increases. Improvement through controlled device impedance For greater improvement to the performance, the [...]

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IMS Announces New Sales Representative FMA

International Manufacturing Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Fahrner-Miller Associates (FMA) as the exclusive sales representative for northern California and northern Nevada. FMA will be instrumental in helping IMS strengthen and extend its presence in this region. FMA’s extensive expertise in increasing market share and market presence fits nicely with IMS’ strategic plan for the territory. FMA founded in 1975, is a full service, technically trained sales organization. Their focus is to provide manufacturers with sales, marketing and branding expertise focusing on networking, medical, smart energy, military and wireless/RF markets. Fahrner-Miller Associates has exhibited great success in promoting and growing their principles’ business within their assigned territory. IMS looks forward to a rich and rewarding long term partnership with Fahrner-Miller Associates.   Click here to contact Fahrner-Miller Associates

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